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The prettiest thing you’ll never want to touch again

Go Bag LogoMicrosofts Surface with Windows RT is a gorgeous device that under different circumstances might have been a gloriously unexpected mutation in the evolution of hardware. But beauty cant conceal the blemishes beneath. The promise of the Surface, and hybrids in general, is that they can credibly replace both a laptop and a tablet. Surface disappoints as either.

Much of what isnt right is due to the operating system on the device. This version of Windows 8 dramatically changes the user experience by co-mingling a traditional Windows desktop with a separate universe dominated by live tiles that allow access to information and apps. The interfacedoesnt impress, complicating appreciation for the hardware itself. For whatever reason, the OS seems slow and unresponsive. And the full desktop is crippled: Its not possible, for example, to install desktop software like a different browser or software you might need for a 4G dongle even in the desktop mode. It feels like a device that was dreamed up to have one revolutionary new interface instead left the factory with two broken ones.

Surface RT with the "type" keyboardSurface RT with the type keyboard

Further, in the one place where the design is spot on, Microsofts marketing and sales pitch is out of sync: Surfaceskeyboard-as-cover is truly innovative, which makes the significant extra cost for this option a bit insulting. As questionable as Surface is, it is outright incomprehensible without it. I tried both the touch which doesnt have raised keys and the type version which can be used to touch type. Only the type makes any sense, and Microsoft seems to be driving us to this patently superior model by charging only $10 more for it than the touch model (MSRP $120 vs $130). I didnt use my touch keyboard enough for it to come apart at the seams, but there were early reports that it does.

What you cant get still is something that does the work of both.

Surface RT is an interesting foray into hybrid computing, but it seems like little more than a proof of concept for better implementations of an idea which is only beginning to mature. This iteration wouldnt make it into my go bag. But as for future variations on this theme? I am all eyes and ears and fingertips.